The financial targets below constitute forward-looking statements which are based on a number of estimates and assumptions, and subject to risks and uncertainties. Profoto’s actual results may differ materially from what is expressly or implicitly stated in these statements due to a variety of factors, of which some are outside the Group’s control. Profoto’s business, profitability, the development of the industry and the macroeconomic environment in which Profoto operates, may differ materially, and be more negative, than that assumed when preparing the financial targets set forth below. In addition, unanticipated events, whether within or outside of Profoto’s control, may adversely affect the actual results that the Group achieves in future periods whether or not these assumptions prove to be correct.

The board of directors of Profoto has resolved on the following financial targets for the Company:

Target  Description 
Net sales growth Profoto aims to, over time, achieve a constant currency annual organic growth in net sales of above 10 percent.
Profitability  Profoto aims to maintain an EBIT margin within 25-30 percent whilst growing EBIT year-over-year.
Dividend policy Profoto aims to pay out at least 50 percent of its net profit, while also taking into account other factors such as financial position, cash flow and growth opportunities.