The auditor shall review the Company’s annual reports and accounting, as well as the management of the board of directors and the CEO. Following each financial year, the auditor shall submit an audit report and a consolidated audit report to the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Pursuant to the Company’s articles of association, the Company shall have not less than one and not more than two auditors and not more than two deputy auditors. The Company’s auditor is Deloitte AB, with Therese Kjellberg as auditor in charge.

In 2021, the total remuneration of the Company’s auditor amounted SEK 3m.

Deloitte AB was, at the annual shareholders’ meeting 2022, re-elected until the end of the annual shareholders’ meeting 2023. Therese Kjellberg (born 1971) is the auditor in charge. Therese Kjellberg is an authorized public accountant and a member of FAR (professional institute for authorized public accountants). Deloitte AB’s office address is Rehnsgatan 11, SE-113 79 Stockholm, Sweden. Deloitte AB has been the Company’s auditor between 2010-2013 and from 2017 until today.