Why invest?

Profoto benefits from the entrepreneurial spirit and drive originating from its founders, Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine. The management of Profoto has deep industry knowledge, both in terms of customer relationships and know-how within photography as well as within marketing, branding, product development and sourcing. The management is also well educated, many with dual university degrees.

Investment case

  • Estimated market growth 3-5 %

    Leading position in a global niche of the rapidly changing and growing image and content creation market.

    Source: EY Marknadsanalysrapport

  • Profoto's market share is twice that of its nearest competitor in the premium segment 2x

    Premium brand used by leading photographers.

    Source: EY Marknadsanalysrapport

  • Annual increase in EBIT margin since 2001 6.1 %

    Scalable business model with continuous focus on core operations and innovation to drive profitable growth and expand the addressable market.

  • Dealers > 270

    Global market strategy with an efficient sales organization.

    • 8 main markets
    • 62 countries
    • High barriers to entry for small local operators
  • Long-term organic growth combined with exceptional profitability.

    Proven ability to grow organically with increasing profitability

    2021 20011 CAGR2
    Sales 732 89 11.9%
    Adj. EBIT-margin3 32.30% 9.8% 6.1%

    1) Non-IFRS data and not adjusted

    2) Compound annual growth rate

    3) EBIT-margin 2021 adjusted for IPO expenses of SEK 25m