Profoto’s sustainability efforts go hand in hand with the overall business model. Strong values and a rewarding work environment pave the way for efficient delivery of quality products and services, and ultimately securing the strength of the brand. The Company has performed a materiality assessment and identified three focus areas critical to ensure a long-term sustainable business:

  • Competent and engaged co-workers: As a knowledge-based company in a fast and evolving industry, Profoto needs to attract and retain co-workers with strong and relevant skills. In order to fulfill the focus area Profoto applies numerous initiatives such as using an evidenced based recruitment process to ensure fairness, seeing diversity as a strategic value and striving for inclusion including zero tolerance for discrimination, actively working to maintain a good gender balance, a continuous monitoring of employee engagement and takes measures to counteract stress and safeguard a good working environment.
  • Products that are the market’s preferred choice: Being the market’s preferred choice is essential for the longevity of the Company. In order to fulfill this focus area Profoto ensures close customer proximity to deliver usability and to stay ahead of trends, and has begun work with life cycle analysis on individual product groups, design for durability and easy repair to limit environmental impact, rigorous risk analysis and extensive testing to comply with comprehensive rules and regulations such as REACH1, RoHS2 and CE markings, life cycle analysis of products to lower environmental impact by considering options for components.
  • Transparent supplier management: The ability to identify capable partners is critical to Profoto’s success. In order to fulfill this focus area Profoto applies a Supplier Code of Conduct, an antibribery and anti-corruption policy as well as other guidelines and routines, together to ensure responsible sourcing and business conduct.